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        1. Welcome to Puyang Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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          About Us

          Puyang Huawei Chemical Co.,Ltd. has registered capital of 3 millioin RMB and occupied floor area of 58mu. The company is located in the Industry Borough, Wanglou, Fanxian County, Puyang city of Henan in Central China, enjoying good location. 
          As a private enterprise, we have been always committed to the development, manufacture and sales of high-quality rubber additives. We boast advanced productiontechniques and top quality of products. As a large domestic manufacturer of thiofide, we can now produce thiofide ETU,DETU,DBTU,DPTU,DPG,DOTG etc. with annual output of over 1,500 tons. 
          90% of our products are exported, mainly to the US, Germany, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. With reliable quality and outstanding credit, products enjoy high reputation in auxiliary industry. High quality comes from scientific guidance and strict management, and it would be impossible without the support of all users. And we are now actively expanding our production to satisfy the needs of more and more users. 
          Boasting quality products with reasonable prices as well as flexible business mode, we warmly welcome the visit and business of friends from all walks of life!

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